For Clients

Client’s Rights

Every client has a right to:

1. Be treated with dignity, courtesy, respect and fairness;

2. Access programs or services in a safe, clean and secure place that is free

of discrimination or harassment;

3. Refuse or discontinue involvement in a program or service;

4. Receive information about the programs or services offered, including

any applicable fees, and a satisfactory level of service;

5. Participate in decisions regarding the type of assistance or support

received and the manner in which it is provided;

6. Expect that personal privacy will be respected and confidentiality will be

protected to the greatest extent possible, as permitted by law;

7. View one’s information file held by the centre with reasonable notice,

receive a copy of the file and request to have any error corrected; and

8. Issue comments or complaints about service quality or treatment and

expect to receive a timely response.


Client’s Responsibilities

Every client has a responsibility to:

1. Treat the centre’s employees, volunteers and other

clients with dignity, courtesy and respect;

2. Keep the centre’s locations safe, clean and secure for

the enjoyment of others;

3. Respect the privacy of others and not disclose their

personal information;

4. Follow the centre’s policies and ask for an explanation

when a policy is not understood; and

5. Provide accurate information in order to receive the

best service possible.